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Hollow Pleasures


Photo by Walter Iooss Jr.

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always waiting for escape

we stood there, completely lost in streamlines of incandescent light
there was a current, i remember, building up from the darkest part of the bay, spilling onto the coastal banks that stood heavy against that autumn swell
and even then, i knew, it was the only night i would remember you by

in all the wars you fought with foreign forces, you would end up falsely victorious
by then we couldn’t help you even if you asked, or begged for mercy - you see, your ropes were worn and frayed from all the nights people fell asleep thinking about you
while your body burnt up on broken glass windowpanes

so let me ask you how a lie feels under your pillow at night.

i can say one thing about us:

our minds were built to retain all this volume
and our eyes were built to withstand the saline
but for some goddamn reason,
you were never any good at saying goodbye


Yasuhiro Onishi, Spirit

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feel like there’s nothing left in me. lack of inspiration, motivation. just exhausted and discouraged

Paris 1860s

Photo: Charles Marville 

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graves next to the aerodrome : chuguyev, ukraine


Lights of New York City, 1970  - Ernst Haas


From Aux anges: a collection of texts and images of anonymous bikers gathered by Olivier Mosset

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Fredrik Akum

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